Wednesday, 7 December 2011

>> Contest : Win This by Hana

I have a personal project coming up,
And you might just be in it!

Hit me up with blog links of your friends/siblings/relatives/colleagues/whoever (or it could just be your link) that fits the criteria(s):

  • Getting engaged/married
  • Planning any sort of party/celebration
  • Welcoming baby
  • Graduating
  • ....happening between January - June 2012.

I'll visit each page and select few interesting ones,
And all you have to do then is to wait for my approach (most likely through e-mail).
This is an interesting project, I must say.
A truly great sponsorship not to be missed,
InsyaAllah, rezeki ini milik anda.

For more details: visit la Hana
Wish us luck!, Blurple


Unknown said...

alaaaaaaaaa saya dah tak boleh hehe :D

BLuRpL3 said...

ANASTASIAZ NORA AIRA: next time bole join lagi ;-)

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